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Please note, Store Hours Wed-Sat 12PM - 6PM. Orders placed outside of Store Hours will be processed the following Business Day.
Please note, Store Hours Wed-Sat 12PM - 6PM. Orders placed outside of Store Hours will be processed the following Business Day.

Handy's Smokehouse Delicacies

Smoked Chicken
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Wed - Sat 12pm - 6pm

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This man is a meat scientist, he can smoke anything and if your
not a believer he was not skimpy on his samples either.  You can taste
and observe the smoke throughout your meat.  If your from the dirty
south he has a special menu for you, and I would not even be surprised
of what other smoked meats he has in that kitchen. He also has a lil bit
of history decor inside. Love this place.  The owner was real cool and
down to earth

Letrecia A.

Mr. Handy has this very special chicken that he
marinates in brim for 5-days. He calls it his "Honey Smoked Chicken".
Well, I bought some of this honey smoked chicken last Saturday, and I
must confess that it's the BEST smoked chicken that I have EVER tasted!
For this, I must put Handy & crew on blast.

Herschel P.

Wow! I'm kicking myself for not getting over
here sooner! I got 1/2lb of salmon, 1/2lb of brisket and 1lb of the
salami!! So damn good on every level!!

Matt Morton

Awesome smoke tuna lunch, looking forward to dinner spare ribs & sides

Brigette Brookins

The brisket to BBQ sauce ratio is perfect on the brisket sandwich. Consistently delicious.

John Weaver

They have the best smoked salmon and albacore spread

Kelly Earley

I eat in this spot a lot since I work nearby. I
like how their service is always good and they keep the place neat
regularly. Prices are convenient and they serve large portions.

Julien Lamb

Purchase a smoked ham for Thanksgiving . It was
absolutely incredible . My family and I enjoyed it so much they said
bring two for Christmas. Thanks Dave.

William Dunn

The smoked meat at Handy's was beyond
excellent!! It not only met, but greatly exceeded my high
expectations.The flavor was wonderful&the food was smoked to
perfection.I ordered a pulled pork sandwich that came with a savory
potato salad on the side..&turkey wings for dinner later.Do go here!
Soon. I guarantee u will NOT! be disappointed. Ps; A bonus-The owner is
very nice&personable too.i asked&he was kind enough to explain
what goes into the preparation&smoking of many of the fine
delicacies on the menu.

C James

We love hanging out. Last night we went to this
excellent place which friends recommended to us. We passed a delightful
experience there with delicious food and a well-trained team and a
distinguished chef. We added this venue in our list and we shall
certainly go again very soon. We deeply recommend.

Ahmir Weiss

My husband and I have been looking for a great
smokehouse. This place is more than we expected! We were looking for
smoked fish and left with that along with a turkey leg and jumbo chicken
wings! The customer service was like visiting our favorite uncle's
house! They asked if it was our first time then offered a sample of
their smoke spread. OMG! We found a favorite spot! Beautiful people! The
shop is clean and cozy and the decor reminded of sitting in my
grandma's kitchen . And the food...OMG! THE BEST! Even their customers
were sweet! Don't second guess where to get the real smoked meats and
fish! It's all here! Thank you Handy's! We're so happy that the pandemic
didn't shut you down!

Micko B.

I tried the pastrami sandwich. Pastrami was top
notch, really good. Mustard and plenty of pickles. The bread I think
could be better, I don't care for enriched white bread, that's what it
reminds me of. The guy was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, no
Jaybees attitude. I'd definitely come back to try other things.

Noodle S.

Honestly I'm not a big smoked meats eater but I
love a good BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich! This one is  so tender and the
spicy/sweet/savory bbq sauce is perfectly balanced and seriously the
best I've had in a really long time! Strongly recommend.

Angie O.